African Economic Platform

The African Economic Platform is an Agenda2063 programme that brings together African heads of state, business leaders, academics
and youth to have frank discussions and deliberate on Africa¹s development. The inaugural African Economic Platform was held in Mauritius, March 20 -22, 2017, and some of the key topics included African Development; Economic Transformation; Industrialisation and Free Movement of people and goods ­ all pivotal components of Agenda 2063. The objectives of the African Economic Platform are to influence
and fast track Africa¹s socio-economic integration and transformation agenda. It also aims to realise the following secondary objectives within the context of Agenda 2063:

  1. Shared ownership of the African development agenda across sectors fostering a collaborative approach to achieving the Aspirations
    of Agenda 2063;
  2. Enable business; political; academic and youth leaders to contribute to the formulation of continental policy,
  3. Advocate for partnerships between the AU Foundation and the private sector that will result in inclusive economic development
    and growth, the growth of African business, intra-African trade and shared prosperity.