Marly Muudeni Samuel, Web Application Developer at the African Union Foundation, talks about the opportunity to make a mark and leave a legacy on the continent as part of the African Union Youth Volunteer Corp programme.

I’m from Namibia, a beautiful and vast country with deserts that meet the oceans, exotic wildlife and diverse cultures. I owe my sense of adventure from my background and I am always looking forward to exploring new opportunities and possibilities around me.


My ultimate vision is to see an Africa where children and adults have access to ICT infrastructures at all levels that will contribute substantially towards the development and prosperity of the citizens.


Working with people from disadvantaged communities on the African continent is one of my aspirations. In my home country, I was part of various ICT industry associations that encourage youth and women in Namibia to venture into careers in this field. I also used my media platforms to spread the word on women empowerment in my country and beyond.


The African Union Youth Volunteer Corp (AUYVC) training provided me with a platform to be involved and learn more about the Agenda 2063 and what needs to be done in order for us to attain a prosperous and peaceful Africa. It was a chance to amplify my skills and I developed a better and strong Pan-African character.



During the training I met go-getting young professionals from all over the continent who share the same love I have for Arica and Pan Africanism and have a zeal to drive positive change on the continent.


Volunteerism encourages civic responsibility and is also a platform to give back to our communities. From the opportunity I got through the AUYVC programme, I hope to gain experience and also contribute meaningfully towards empowering many young Africans.


As a Web Application Developer, I bring technical, ICT and research skills to the African Union Foundation. I’m a determined team player who values sharing information, integrity and consistency.


At the end of my volunteer term, I would like to see the African Union Foundation’s mandate and impact well documented across many channels. Most importantly, I want to play a key role in improving lives of African youth and continue inspiring others to reach for their dreams and always strive to make Africa better.


Whilst studying towards Honours degree in Informatics in 2015, I got an opportunity to be an exchange student in Helsinki, Finland. It allowed me to grow in many ways and be exposed to cultures beyond my continent.


While I am open to taking up opportunities beyond the continent to improve my skills, I will always return home to invest those skills to better Africa and also be a positive influence to the youth.



African Union Youth Volunteer Corp programme applications are open to all citizens of AU Member State and the African Diaspora aged between 18 – 35 years who are in possession of a post-secondary certified qualification. To learn more about the programme, visit