The establishment of the AU Foundation in May 2013 by an AU Assembly decision, was a major step towards developing African capacity to mobilise local and international resources for Africa’s development. This strategic plan provides space for the Foundation to play its facilitating role, especially, with respect to mobilising resources from the private sector, philanthropists, individual donors, member states within the diaspora and globally, to fund African development.


This plan comes at a groundbreaking point in the history of the African continent when Africa is making steady and rapid progress in economic growth, social development and democratisation, development of human capital, and fostering peace and stability.
The challenge that remains is to achieve economic empowerment and boost tertiary education, science, technology and innovation. Capacities are needed for Africa to turn its challenges into opportunities. The work of the Foundation is to accelerate the progress towards an integrated, prosperous and inclusive Africa that is at peace with itself, playing a dynamic role in the continental and global arena, as outlined in Agenda 2063.]


Over the next ve years, the Foundation will seek to accelerate progress towards a prosperous and integrated Africa while paying particular attention to women and the youth. The Foundation is focused on addressing three key priorities which are:


1. To promote Science and Technology education amongst young people; including Technical training linked to cross-cutting skills in speci c industries.
2. Women and youth in Agriculture (eradication of the handheld hoe).
3. Mobilise resources and promote partnerships with the Private Sector.
The plan is fully results-based and focused on delivering concrete and clearly measurable targets. By adopting this approach, we are further consolidating the shift to a results-based or a performance management culture. As with any plan, the right set of conditions must be in place to guarantee success. We shall deploy special efforts, starting with popularising this plan, to increase the visibility of the work of the Foundation to African citizens.